Product Liability

A defective product can cause some injury to a person because of a defect in the product itself. The manufacturer and some vendors involving the defective product can be liable for injuries caused by the product. Generally, these cases deal with design defects, manufacturing defects, or defects in marketing.

Defective product law varies from state to state, but these are the three basic areas of focus:
  1. Manufacturing defect. In such cases the injury was caused as a result of defect in the manufacture of the product. With manufacturing defects, only a few out of many products of the same type may be flawed and, thus, dangerous.
  2. Design defect. In these cases the injury was caused by a poor design (even though there may be no defect in the individual product itself). Design defects are just that – defects in the design of the product. The product may perform just as it was intended, but it was unreasonably dangerous to use because of a flaw in its design. Sometimes the design is good, but defects occur during the manufacturing process due to substandard materials or some other type of failure during the process.
  3. Failure to warn, or “inadequate warning.” These cases refer to injuries caused as a result of a product known to be potentially dangerous which was sold without a proper warning to the consumer. Defects in marketing deal with such things as improper instructions and failures to warn consumers of latent or inherent dangers in the product.
Our lawyers have handled many types of product liability cases, including:
  • Defective tires that cause car accidents, including tire blowouts, SUV rollovers, and trucking accidents
  • Defective breast implants
  • Defectively designed cars and industrial vehicles and equipment
  • Defective consumer products, including children’s car seats, medical devices and household items
In today’s America, large corporations fight consumers tooth and nail on these cases even if they are accountable to the consumer under the law for injuries caused by unreasonably dangerous and defective products. That accountability is usually requires assistance of a law firm with experience, competency and resources. The Moody Law Firm, Inc. is such a firm. We proudly represent people hurt by dangerous and defective products.

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