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What is FELA law and how can it help me?

Are you a railroad worker in the United States? Learn how you are protected under FELA law, and how it can help you in personal injury cases.

What to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:The Moody Law FirmDate:2017-06-02
Are you thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney? Before choosing any attorney, it is important to ask yourself these basic questions to make sure they are right for you. Learn more here.

Jury Awards $3.74 Million for Dental Malpractice

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-06-20
Keith Riddick was awarded $3 million plus more than four years of pre-judgment interest to a dental patient who was gravely injured due to the negligence of a local dentist. He developed an ”infection following a routine tooth extraction in July, 2010.  Moody Law Firm attorney Mike Davis, who represented Mr. Riddick, explained that the defendant dentist failed to appreciate the patient’s symptoms of an ongoing infection and did not prescribe an antibiotic either before or after the extraction procedure.

$700,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Carman Injured Back While Repairing Coal Chute Door on Car – $700,000 Verdict.  The plaintiff, a carman, repairs railroad coal cars.  While reaching under a railroad coal car to pull out a seventy-two pound coal chute door that he was replacing...

FELA Asbestos Exposure Case: Settled for $1.7 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Cobb duties included working in shops where asbestos was applied and removed from the boilers and pipes of steam locomotives.  Approximately forty-six years after leaving the railroad, at age 72, he developed malignant mesothelioma.  Cobb sued the railroad under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), alleging the defendant knew asbestos exposure could cause lung disease...

$770,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The railroad’s defense counsel claimed the plaintiff suffered from chronic pain disorder which caused him to unnecessarily go through several surgical procedures to cure his low back pain and leg pain.

$835,000 awarded for injury in derailment

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
A retired rail worker won an $835,000 award after the derailment of the “Old 611” steam train.  Thomas E. Coates, 70, of Virginia Beach, whose ankle was crushed in the rail disaster, wept and shook the jurors’ hands after the verdict was announced. 

Jury Awards Man $1.7 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
A Circuit court awarded $1.7 million to a 25-year old yard brakeman, who injured his back while employed by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. in Logan,  W. VA. Wondel Lee Wiley accused the company of negligence, saying his supervisors ordered him to lift an 80-pound steel knuckle, which caused him to rupture a disc.

$630,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The plaintiff was performing an initial terminal brake test when he detected an air leak, requiring him to cross through the train. Plaintiff walked to the nearest flat car to use its brake step to cross over. The brake step gave way due to a broken support bracket.

5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Patrick W. Casale won the largest jury verdict ever awarded in Virginia, under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, in 1992. Casale won $1.3 million from a jury. Moody Law Firm in Portsmouth VA...

$650,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
A Roanoke jury has awarded $650,000 to three retired railroad employees who were exposed to asbestos while working in dust-filled shops throughout their careers with Norfolk Southern Corp.

$1 Million Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
As she was carrying the cushions the plaintiff stepped into an open trap door and fell approximately fifteen feet to the floor of the inspection pit, beneath the service track.  The plaintiff’s left forearm caught on a metal latch, tearing her arm open from below the elbow to above the wrist.

Jury votes $950,000 for train wreck victim

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The train had derailed in the Great Dismal Swamp, near the Chesapeake-Suffolk border. A jury voted to award $950,000 to Annie Harrell. She was thrown from her seat in one of the classic coaches, tossed around and onto the floor, reported her lawyer, Willard Moody, Sr.

Railroad Settles for $1 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
This third million dollar case resulted from an accident involving a railroad employee who was knocked down in the early morning hours by three runaway cars while trying to repair an air leak in another car.  The three runaway cars careened into him “knocking him underneath the gears and cutting off his right leg below the knee”...

Jury awards $2.4 million to former NS engineer injured on job

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The complaint filed in Roanoke Circuit Court said Rothgeb, a railroad employee for more than 20 years, tripped over debris in a walkway and “was seriously and permanently injured.” See how Moody Law Firm in Portsmouth won the case...

Worker Awarded $2.6 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
A jury ordered Norfolk Southern Corp. to pay a former brakeman $2.6 million after he sued, claiming the noise of locomotives and train whistles left him with a hearing problem that drove him crazy. 

$3,750,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Robert M. Hahn v. The Long Island Rail Road – A jury awarded $3,750,000 to Robert M. Hahn, a 41 year old Long Island Rail Road trackman represented by Moody, Strople & Kloeppel, Ltd.

$1,044,995 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Saunders sustained a ruptured cervical disc and severe muscle tearing in the upper back.  He sought conservative medical treatment with a neurosurgeon approximately two months later, and eventually underwent a discectomy at the C5-6 level in 1993.

Railroad Settles for $850,000 After Defective Chair Collapses Injuring Ticket Clerk

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The plaintiff, a 50 year old lead ticket agent, was injured when the chair in which she was sitting at Amtrak’s Newark Penn station collapsed beneath her, causing her to fall to the floor.  She injured her neck, back and left shoulder and underwent surgery...

NS Conductor/RCO Injures Ankle and Develops Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Virginia Jury Awards $4.5 Million Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
On June 13, 2008, Plaintiff was working as a Remote Control Operator ("RCO") in the Roanoke Material Yard when he tripped on a railroad tie, severely twisting his right ankle.  His accident was not witnessed.  The tie on which he tripped was supporting a stack of rail that was being stored next to the track, and he testified that the end of the tie was only about 3 feet from the track...

Sounding of Horn Inside Locomotive Shop Blamed for Tinnitus – Virginia Jury Returns $900,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The plaintiff, age forty-three, was working as a machinist inside defendant’s Shaffer’s Crossing locomotive repair shop on April 17, 2006, when a locomotive horn was inadvertently sounded.  According to plaintiff, he sustained acute hearing loss, pain in both ears, and severe headaches...

Railroader Wins $1.6 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
It only took ninety minutes for a Portsmouth Circuit Court jury to award $1.6 million to a railroad brakeman. The decision, ordering the largest sum ever awarded in Portsmouth Circuit Court, resulted from a five-day trial in which Ronald Riggan of Macon, N.C., was represented by Attorney Willard J. Moody, Sr. to seek recovery from the Seaboard Cost Line Railroad for a work related injury.

Retired Carman Settles Mesothelioma Claim for $1.3 Million

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
​Plaintiff brought suit under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act alleging that the defendant failed to provide him with a reasonably safe place to work and failed to warn him of the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos products, which were well known to the railroad during his employment.

$1.5 Million Jury Award

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
Norfolk Circuit Court jury awarded $1.5 million to an employee who suffered a broken leg in an accident at the Portlock yard in Portsmouth.  The employee was hurt in June 1992 when he drove a tractor onto a flatbed trailer and it fell off the side of the trailer as a result of alleged defective brakes.

$850,000 Settlement

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
An $850,000 settlement was awarded to a railroad brakeman whose pelvis was crushed when the train on which he was working derailed on an area of track with a history of derailments.

$836,625 Verdict for Railroader

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
He sustained two bulging discs in his lower back, which resulted in chronic pain in his lower back.  No surgery was required, but he was unable to return to work as an engineer.  A jury verdict was returned in favor of the plaintiff for the sum of $836,625. 

Woman injured in “Old 611” wreck

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
A woman injured her back in the wreck of the “Old 611” steam engine and won a $900,000 verdict from a Portsmouth jury. Barbara Greenstreet, 42, of Virginia Beach, argued, the May 1986 accident left her unable to work and in constant pain.

$740,000 Verdict

Categories:Verdicts & SettlementsAuthor:Date:2016-05-18
The plaintiff suffered a herniated disc while working with cables at a derailment in Evansville, Indiana. Although mechanical means, including a Hoesch truck with a crane, a Bobcat, and a rented crane were available to move the cables to the derailment site, the plaintiff and a coworker were directed to manually drag the cables up a grassy incline.