Steroid Injections for NECC


The Moody Law Firm filed the first lawsuit against New England Compounding Center resulting from a fungus contaminated steroid injection. The lawsuit was filed in Roanoke, Virginia on behalf of a retired Norfolk Southern conductor, Basil Proffitt, who received a steroid injection for chronic back pain. Mr. Proffitt developed fungal meningitis as a result of the contaminated steroid manufactured by New England Compounding Center. Testing of New England Compounding Center steroid products has confirmed that they are contaminated with fungus which has caused the meningitis outbreak. In Virginia, two deaths and 34 cases of fungal meningitis have been linked to the steroid injection.

The lawsuit alleges negligence by New England Compounding Center in failing to use a safe and sterile manufacturing process and ask for $5 million dollars in damages. Ongoing investigations by the FDA indicate that New England Compounding may have been violating federal and or state laws and regulations by mass producing the injectable steroid solution without proper prescriptions for the drug. New England Compounding Center has recalled all of its products from the market.

Symptoms related to the tainted injection causing meningitis include headache, fever, nausea, stiffness of the neck, confusion, dizziness, discomfort from bright lights and stroke like symptoms. Individuals who have had a steroid injection from one of the clinics supplied this product should immediately seek evaluation from their physician to determine if their symptoms are related to fungal infection.

The Moody Law Firm represents other meningitis victims from this steroid contamination and expects more cases will be filed. If you or a loved one has had an epidural steroid injection since May of 2012 and have experienced any of the symptoms associated with meningitis, been diagnosed with meningitis or unfortunately has had a family member die from this illness, you may be entitled to compensation and should call us for legal consultation at no obligation at 757-393-6020

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